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Welcome to the TVU e-Learning blog

November 4, 2009

My name is Andy Turner, and I am manager of the Online Systems Group within the Learning and Information Services department at Thames Valley University.

I’ve set this blog up primarily as a source of news and support for TVU staff engaging with – maybe just taking their first steps in – the use of our Blackboard VLE, and other technology-enhanced learning tools. I anticipate that I will use it to post news of the latest TVU Online / Blackboard developments, new Blackboard tricks and tips I or other colleagues have discovered, and reports on blended learning and e-learning projects or initiatives, from within TVU and from the wider world.

After some debate and experimentation, I’ve decided to host the blog – for now at least – at

Ideally I would have liked to use the tools available to us at TVU from within Blackboard i.e. the blogging tools within Campus Pack LX from Learning Objects. Certainly Journal LX is being used very effectively on some of our courses – in particular for personal reflective journals – and it seems to be a really good tool for course-based blogs. And there’s also Expo LX which allows one or more personal blogs, still in Blackboard, but not tied to a specific course. I’ve tried that, and it’s OK, but not as immediate or flexible as a “proper blog” and crucially, I felt, doesn’t allow for the tagging of posts.

At some point TVU may make provision for staff (and maybe students) to have a blog hosted on a university server. And it may be as early as next summer that we migrate to the new version of Campus Pack, Campus Pack Fusion, which promises a wealth of new features, which I will definitely want to try out. Until then, I’m at


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