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Semester 1 modules now created

September 22, 2010

As explained in an earlier post, Semester 1 modules with a start date of 27 September were deleted on Friday.
These courses have now been recreated as copies of the relevant course template.

The problem last week was that users were unable to open files (Word documents, PDFs, Powerpoint files etc.) attached to the course.
An initial check of newly created courses suggests that this problem has now been overcome.

Please check your new courses, update them as required, and when ready for students to view the courses, make them Available.

If you discover problems with the new courses please email quoting the precise course ID of the courses concerned.

Modules and Programmes with start date earlier than 27 Sep
(e.g. Programme spaces, Modules starting 20 Sep)

Please note that we did not delete and recreate these courses, because many staff had already made significant changes in Blackboard. These courses may still have problems with uploaded files. To report these issues, and for advice on solving them, please email quoting the precise course ID of the courses concerned.

We apologise for the inconvenience this problem has caused. Although this will be no consolation to TVU staff or students, you may like to know that the same problem has affected a considerable number of other Universities both here and in the USA.

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