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Impressions of Durham #3

February 2, 2011

A brief postscript on the 11th Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference

After the conference I stayed with some friends, one of whom is an Engineering lecturer at Durham University. As we started discussing Blackboard, it soon became apparent that we were talking at cross-purposes. “We do still have a couple of  rooms with blackboards”, he said, “but mainly we use whiteboards”; as for any software called Blackboard, it meant nothing to him.

Suddenly I realised where I was going wrong: “You probably know it as duo“.
To which the reply was “oh, duo – yes we use it all the time!”

I was impressed that Durham had so successfully re-branded their VLE that users didn’t even realise they were using Blackboard. Here, although we’ve been using the name “TVU Online” for some time, most staff and students still refer to the VLE as “Blackboard”. The University’s own impending name-change provides an opportunity for us to try again – any suggestions for suitably catchy names gratefully accepted!

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