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Learning Journeys: Supporting learner digital literacy acquisition

December 14, 2011

Higher Education Academy Discipline Workshop and Seminar Series 2011-12
(funded by the Higher Education Academy)
Date: Wednesday 25 January 2012
Location: St Mary’s Road site
Topic: Learning Journeys: Supporting learner digital literacy acquisition with first year undergraduate students from West London Business School.

The West London Business School will hold a workshop about an interactive programme designed to help students acquire digital literacy skills.

The Anytime Learning Literacies Enviroment‘ project – – funded by The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) has created an on-line learning resource to help students acquire digital literacy skills, in the form of a learner journey programme.

Digital literacy skills are a crucial attribute for today’s students –
Supporting these skills in a limited resource environment can be challenging and therefore the project is set to provide a solution to this.

The interactive programme is comprised of a series of learning objects created using the GLO Maker Tool (  The GLO Maker Tool is an authoring tool for creating interactive learning resources. Segments of templates from the JISC Learning Literacies in a Digital Age project ( were used to inform the design.

Learner Journey screenshot

Learner Journey screenshot













A prototype of the learner journey materials has been used and evaluated by over 200 first year Business students from our University and London Metropolitan University.  Students from the University have experienced the materials within the curriculum whilst students at London Metropolitan University were encouraged to use the materials according to their needs.

Initial analysis of user feedback indicates in both institutions that the students really enjoyed using the materials and students’ perception of their digital literacy skills has increased. The Learner Journey has been modified in the light of user feedback ( and staff and students can now access the Learner Journey application through their smartphone .

This workshop will present an overview of the design, implementation and user feedback (students who used the materials will be at the workshop as presenters) of the Learner Journey. It will also offer an opportunity for participants to explore possible uses of the Learner Journey within their own institutions, to play with the GLO-Maker Tool, practice designing their own Learning Object and to explore customisation of the learning objects from the Learner Journey.

To register to attend the workshop contact

Refreshments will be provided.

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