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PebblePad 3 – coming soon

July 27, 2012

As some staff will already know, in September we will be moving to PebblePad 3, a completely new version of the software. This email is just to let you know that if you want to start looking at the new version, you can do so now – see below.

What is PebblePad 3?

The new version has a much more modern, cleaner user interface, and not only brings new functionality, but is generally more intuitive and easier to use. There is also a greater separation between the two key components of the system:


Pebble+ is the Personal Learning Space and remains as private and confidential as PebblePad always has been. Pebble+ provides learners with a space to record their myriad experiences, to make sense of their learning, and to aggregate their assets into powerful presentations that reflect their growth, knowledge and capability – all supported by our structured and reflective templates.

ATLAS is the new name for gateways. It is the Institutional Space designed to support active teaching, learning and assessment. It is the space where learners, organised into groups or sets on workspaces, will typically submit their assets for feedback, peer review or validation. Because ATLAS is designed to facilitate institutional processes it supports activities like blind and double blind marking, external review, grading and assessment archiving.

You can read more about PebblePad 3 at

How can I get access to PebblePad 3?

Although PebblePad 3 is not fully released until 1st September, we already have access to the new platform, and can make this available to any member of staff who wants to preview the new interface, and the new features (don’t worry – you will still be able to access the “old” version, for instance to view  work previously submitted by students).

If you would like to try out PebblePad 3, just email with the request “Please give me access to PebblePad 3”. We will set this up, and point you towards a range of help materials to get you started.

Will my old webfolio templates work in PebblePad 3?

You can find a short video introduction to PebblePad 3 at
This demonstrates that webfolio templates created in PebblePad 2 will automatically open and work in the new version, and in fact should be much easier for students to edit.

If you have already been using PebblePad webfolios, templates and gateways with your students in 2011-12, please get in touch with your INSTIL TEL Consultant / Developer to discuss how these should be set up for the new academic year.

N.B. If you have students who are part way through completing webfolios we can arrange for them to continue with the familiar interface until a suitable time for them to move to the new version. We know that this will apply to some students in Nursing and Hospitality – again please feel free to discuss these details with your TEL Consultant.


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